The Wishlist: High End

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High end and luxury makeup is something all of us bloggers tend to go a little crazy and get insane bouts of lust over. Our wishlists are never reasonable or even probable, but they are called "wish" lists for a reason. These are the things I'm currently dreaming about...

MAC Lipliner in 'Nightmoth'
Aside from hating the name due to my insane moth phobia, the colour is stunning and perfect for the hoard of burgundy and purple-hued lipsticks I have in my stash at the moment. This is on the more probable end of the wishlist, however I always worry about not getting enough use out of stand out products like this.

MAC 217 Blending Brush
If I had to pick a favourite makeup brush it would definitely be a blender. They are not only multi-use but really do make all the difference in a makeup look. It seems as though every other product could be applied with hands or the like, but shadows will never look flawless without copious blending. This is a cult favourite, so naturally it is one I need to try!

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers
I have a keen fear of my eyelash curlers ever since they pulled out a few lashes very painfully a week or two back, so I've been on the hunt for something a little more pricey that also look more safe. My heart is set on this stunning pair by Shu Uemura and I have heard amazing things!

Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in 'Callisto'
While there are many, many stunning shades in this collection, naturally the super neutral one stands out to me most. What I love about this is that it looks like a one-shade lid kind of shadow and definitely gives off the glistening metallic vibe that I'm coveting for this summer.

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in 'Glastonberry'
RE: Nightmoth, I'm in a burgundy-berry obsessed haze which is odd considering summer is around the corner here. Regardless of how unseasonal I may look, I am in love and insist on rocking this look. This looks like the perfect shade and the formulation sounds incredible, especially as I find matte lips quite drying.

Chanel Rouge Allure Glosses
This is a "no, no, no" in my head but a definite yes in wishlist land. Everything about these appeal to me. The formulation looks great for a gloss and can we take a minute to appreciate the packaging? Anything clickable I'm down for, especially when it comes to makeup!

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette in 'The Dolce Vita'
I've seen this on one too many blogs to not be head over heels in lust with it. The colours are simple and very everyday while also giving the air of luxury that comes with all Charlotte Tilbury products. There are a lot of dupes for this selection colour wise, but nothing comes with that stunning gold glitter!

LORAC Mega PRO Palette
As a huge, huge fan and advocate of the LORAC PRO palette, this is a dream. I've heard mixed reviews, but if the shadows are of the same quality as the original I would be hooked. I also love that they have put a lot of effort into creating new shadows rather than reusing the old ones.

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser
I'm a light base lover and I've been steered in this direction so many times! I know that I'll be obsessed so I don't know why I've held off picking it up for so long. This is definitely something that will be making it's way into my collection sooner or later.

What is on your high end wishlist?
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  1. Ooh yes, a lot of these are on my wishlist too! Lorac Mega Pro and NARS tinted moisturiser for sure! I also really need to get my hands on the 217, it's a staple in practically everyone's stashes!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. Oooh swooning over all the products here! Pretty much every single one is one my wish list too haha. The CT lipstick & palette are so incredibly beautiful. x

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

  3. Agreed! I need to add some CT to my collection, but I wouldn't know what product to pick.

  4. I know, everyone seems to have it but us! I'm sure it's amazing, though.

  5. Agree with everything!! I'd just LOVE that CT eyeshadow palette!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr

  6. Great products!

  7. That lipstick looks like a gorgeous colour! xx

  8. The MAC 217 brush was on my wishlist for so long and I finally picked it up about a month ago and I don't regret it, it seriously is a great piece to have. It's super fluffy and soft, such great quality! X

  9. I am dying to get my hands on some of the NARS dual intensity shadows, they look stunning x

  10. Thanks for the reassurance! It definitely seems like a must-have. x

  11. Great blog! I just followed you on Bloglovin, would you please follow me back? :)

    Michaella from

  12. All such gorgeous products! Lusting for all of them as well x


  13. perfect beauty products
    kisses from Italy

  14. I've wanted the Mac 217 for so long!! All amazing products on your wishlist!!

    Rebecca Coco

  15. Lorac pro palette looks so good! Currently I don't have anything specifically in my mind but searching for a good hand cream as It is getting colder outside!