The Review: Rimmel's Wonder'Full Mascara


I can be overly picky when it comes to mascaras and am not satisfied with most of the ones I try. I've been using the Revlon grow luscious mascara for almost a year now non-stop due to the fact that I was constantly disappointed by mascaras that weren't like it. I've never gotten along with Rimmel mascaras before due to clumpier formulas, so naturally when I heard the claims of their new Argan oil rich formula I was curious.

While I can't say too much in terms of the nourishing effects of the Argan oil, the slickness of the formula is apparent from the very first application. Don't take this as the formula being extremely wet, because it isn't, there is just a smoothness to it unlike anything I've felt before. This is a mascara I need to build upon, but considering how it seems almost impossible to get a clumpy look from this product, this isn't a problem at all.

Overall I am really impressed with Rimmel's 'Wonder'Full' mascara and am glad my bias towards their formulas has been swayed. I think most people would enjoy this mascara, but if you are in need of intense length or volume you might need to pair this with something else. Because of it's smooth formula it makes a great base for other mascaras if you're a fan of mixing!

Have you tried this and if so, what are your thoughts?
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  1. I love the look of this mascara, and it's definitely on my 'must-try' list! I love the packaging too, it's really high end. x

    Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  2. The packaging might actually be what made me want to try it so much!

  3. I use this mascara and I love it, I agree with the slickness of the formula, it is lovely to apply

  4. I love Rimmel's mascaras but I've never tried this one! I do like a mascara that gives a lot of volume so would probably as you said use this as a base. Great review!

  5. Would love to see how it wears, maybe you could post a follow up? <3

  6. Sounds great...maybe I should try it....

  7. Seems pretty good! I don't really feel like there's any need for nourishing oils in lash products though - as long as we remove our make up properly our lashes will be fine!


  8. Great post, dear!

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  9. Really want to try this one, I've always liked Rimmel mascaras!

    Eilidh |

  10. Great review! I had v similar thoughts about it (my first ever review actually!) - I love that it doesn't clump but it just doesn't do enough in terms of volume for me.

  11. I definitely understand, I like to wear this mainly when I'm wearing liner or my eyes don't seem defined enough.

  12. I'd really like to try this as I like that it contains oil to help condition my lashes xx

    Gemma |