Rita Ora for Rimmel Nail Polishes

First and foremost, it's story time. These were something I'd been lusting after ever since I saw Suzie from Hello October wear 'Breakfast In Bed' in a vlog a month or two back. Instantly I searched online and found nothing but links to UK beauty suppliers that didn't ship internationally. A few weeks later on a browse through the ASOS beauty department they were spotted and I was so excited, but in the process of finding something else to bump up the $30 free shipping rule I saw an Instagram post from Rimmel AU signalling their impending release. I decided to wait, and a week before the release date I was happily surprised when I saw them displayed.

I finally had in my hands the much coveted "Breakfast In Bed" and I have never had a blue so milky! It is just such a pretty shade, think the effect of Essie 'Fiji' but blue - so perfect all year, but stunning in summer with a tan. It looks so flattering on the nails and I want to wear it forever, basically. Next I decided on "White Hot Love" because all of my white polishes either take 4 coats or chip after a day or two wear. This didn't disappoint in the slightest and has a pearlescence to it that isn't really detectable on the nails, but it definitely isn't as flat as the other whites I have tried.

When it comes to formulation the Rimmel polishes are some of my favourites. I own so many different shades, they are definitely the majority in my collection. The 60 Seconds formula in particular is amazing, not quite 60 seconds since I tend to put on thicker coats, but pretty damn close. These are dry to the touch on one hand by the time you've finished painting the other. With a topcoat they both lasted for the better part of the week, "Breakfast In Bed" lasting the longest on me. I highly recommend these polishes to anyone and the formulation is the best I've found especially for the price.

What other colours from this collection would you recommend? I think I want them all!
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  1. Breakfast in bed is mine absolutely favourite. I have it now on my nails. :)))


  2. Essie's Fiji is my all time favorite and I've been on the search for a blue version for ages! Definitely going to look for Breakfast In Bed next time I'm at the drug store!


  3. i love these colours the rita ora shades are gorgeous i want them all

  4. The Rimmel 60 second nail polishes are some of my absolute favourite formulas! They last so well on my nails. My favourite is Rose Libertine x


  5. I haven't tried any of these polishes yet, but I really want to xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. I didn't know she was doing a Rimmel collab! Thanks for sharing xx


  7. You should, you will love them! x

  8. They last amazingly on mine too! I just googled swatches of Rose Libertine and it looks so pretty, I'll keep an eye out for it next time I'm at the Rimmel display. x

  9. Me too! I'm trying to decide which I want to pick up next!

  10. I'm glad she is because her line is stunning! x