Three Books I Tore Through These Holidays

I had these books in my mental "must read" list for weeks and over the majority of the holidays I actually didn't do all the much reading. However, when I realised I only had a few days left my brain went into some kind of panic and I managed to make my way through all three. I can be a tough critic against YA adult books, even though they are some of my favourite, largely because being in the head of a younger teenager (which I sadly am not, anymore) can be frustrating if they're acting immaturely - which I know I was when I was sixteen as well. I did enjoy all of these books though, and would recommend them to fans of the YA genre. I didn't want to make this post too long, so if you want a synopsis of the story click through the links in the titles.

Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell
This book had me torn. On the brink of being a little too “young” for where I’m at, but still a sweet and interesting story. I found myself growing annoyed at the things the two main characters, Eleanor and Park, did and said. Usually I can step out of my bubble and relate back from a sixteen years olds perspective, something kind of necessary for a YA fan, but for some reason I just couldn’t with this. This is no fault to Rowell, as she definitely captured the “first love” and sixteen year old persona in an accurate way, but I just didn’t find me clicking with the characters in a meaningful way.

I am confused because I have seen people both younger and older than me rave about this book and how it reminded them of falling in love for the first time. In many ways it did, but I also found the progression of their relationship to be slow and a little boring at times. I loved that Rowell captured the "oh my god what if I marry them?" thoughts that have definitely gone through my head at different times in my life. The largest point of intrigue for me, however, was Eleanor’s home life, the things that happened and how she dealt with them.

I wouldn't say that I don't recommend this book as I did enjoy it while I was reading it, I am mainly disappointed in myself for not clicking with it the way I can blatantly see other people would. I really wanted obsessed, head over heels, fault in our stars level love. But it really wasn’t it for me. Maybe my expectations are too high after seeing John Green’s sixteen year olds act as I would at twenty? Maybe I should stop trying to find the next TFIOS to fill the void in my heart.

We Were Liars - E. Lockhart
I thought this was going to be a typical "elite rich kids" novel when I started reading it, much like "Gossip Girl" or "Private", which is not a bad thing as I love both of those series. However, it both was and wasn't. There are the issues of class, money and hierarchy but they are by no means portrayed glamourously. There were so many issues within the family that you were not for one second jealous of what they had because it was obvious that the money is what caused them.

This plot had a twist like no other I've experienced. You knew it was coming, and it seemed to be heading in one direction, but it did a complete 360 and left you shocked. I actually found myself crying nearing the end, which was a feat considering that only happens when I'm deeply attached to the characters.

This story is about a group of teens who return to an island owned by their wealthy grandfather, an accident and the main character, Cadence, trying to piece her memories together to figure out what actually happened. The book is written in a poetic style with lots of stark, chilling imagery which added another element entirely to this story. I really loved the way this panned out, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes the YA genre.

Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell
This caught my eye as I'm a sucker for any books dealing with technology or using technology as a conveyer of said story. I find them not only interesting, especially when the internet is cast in a positive light and not the downfall of mankind. This book deals with fan fiction largely and portrays it in a positive and constructive light. This is a must read for anyone who has ever engaged in a fandom through the internet, even if it wasn't fan fiction, because I guarantee you will find something in this that resonates with you.

The main character, Cath, is quite judgemental of things outside her comfort zone (drinking, makeup, etc) and while this does fit her character, it did get a little tiresome at times. I didn't want her to change completely and become a party girl, but I would have liked to see some growth in a (slightly) more social progression.

I overall enjoyed the story and thought it was a fun read so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who finds the concept interesting.

Have you read any of these books and what were your thoughts? What are your recommendations?
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  3. Thank you for sharing! I'd be interested in Fangirl. I too love reading about things with technology in them in the story!
    I'm so behind on my book list, I only just started reading Wicked.
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  4. Lovely article, I have had all of these books on my e-reader for some time but never had the time to read them, definitely will now x

  5. I LOVE book recs. I'm currently reading Legend, it's a bit of a teenie bop book but really enjoyable :)

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  6. Thank you! And of course I'll check it out. x

  7. I'm behind on mine too, the year just gets too busy! x

  8. Definitely give them a go, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. x