The Perfect Cateye


When I'm wearing a cat eye I always get asked how I achieved it or how I got the lines so neat. Besides from the fact that I'm a perfectionist and don't wear winged liner unless I know I have the time to get it looking crisp and even, my tools are a big, big help in getting the look I'm after. After trying a lot of liners I've found products that I really love and have my technique down pat.

The most important part is an amazing liner. Everyone has their preferences, and while I've been trying to get into gel lately, nothing can beat liquid pen liners for me. My favourite is the Maybelline Master Precise liner. The nib is super fine and you can get any width of line you so desire! The liner is very, very dark and goes on opaque with one coat. The best part of all is how cheap it is - I don't think I'd ever have to buy a high-end liner with this in my stash.

Making mistakes is inevitable. While one day you might get perfect liner in one go and be out the door, other days you're smudging, making lines to thick and going in the complete wrong direction. For those days, my tiny bottle of Simple eye make-up remover paired with cotton buds is my secret weapon. As an overall eye-makeup remover I'm not sold, but just to neaten up those lines it's a dream. You can really shape the liner into the look you desire using this method, even if you think you've ruined it completely!

Finally is the step that really pulls the whole look together. If you look closely after completing the lid part of the liner you'll notice a space around where the lash line and tight line meet that hasn't been coated in liner. If you don't like tight lining, don't worry, this line is relatively undetectable especially if you have lots of thick lashes to distract from it. However, if you do want that pesky space filled, tight line with any liner of your choice. Instantly your liner looks darker and your lashes fuller! My favourite for this trick is the Rimmel Scandal Eyes pencil as it's super smooth on such a delicate area and doesn't tend to move around.

What are your cat eye secrets and go-to products?
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  1. i've been wearing a cat eye for ages and i'm still not great at favorite right now is tarte's gel liner :)


  2. Great post - great tips for the perfect cat eye (:

  3. I haven't tried it, but I've heard using coconut oil as eye makeup remover is good!

    x Michelle |

  4. Instead of coconut oil, I use olive oil, it is efficient and cheaper, you should try it :)
    By the way I'm running my first giveaway on my blog, If you're interested, this is the link:

  5. I'm a huge fan of the Master Piece liner :)

  6. I just got the EYeko skinny eyeliner and I'm working on perfecting my cat eye. Thaks for the tightlining tip, I'mm definitely try it! xx

    Fernanda @

  7. It really makes a difference! And the Eyeko liner looks amazing, I really want to try it.

  8. I can't believe how amazing it is for such a small price!

  9. i'm also using the maybelline master piece liner and I absolutely love it. its creamy and glides on beautifully

  10. It's my absolute favourite, I can't even imagine how a liner could get better.