Tumblr Inspo #1


I am addicted to Tumblr just like everyone else who signs up for an account. I find it so relaxing to scroll through countless pages of beautiful and inspiring images and being able to add your favourites to your own little space on the internet. I save a lot of these pictures to my phone or desktop when scrolling so I can come back and look at them again without having to trawl through my own, very full, blog when I'm feeling down or in need of a pick me up.

One of my favourite things to look at on Tumblr are cute animal pictures. I'm pugsessing at the moment, like a lot of the internet, and just love looking at their little squished up faces - it instantly puts a smile on my face. Another thing I go out of my way to look up are succulents. They're just so beautiful to look at, especially when they have a range of colours in their leaves. I even bought my own succulent as a result and just love looking at him. Finally, I love looking up eye prints, Kenzo or not. I am lusting after anything Kenzo eye-print related and it's beginning to get unhealthy!

I think I'm going to make this a series on my blog for whenever I have a big group of photos saved up that I just want to share with other people to hopefully put a smile on their face!
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  1. Gahhh, there are some beautiful things on tumblr aren't there? Xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

    1. Agreed! It's such an amazing place to get inspiration.