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This is a collection of high-end beauty products I've been lusting after recently and hope to someday add to my collection!

1. Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation & Airbuki ($62)

I think it was inevitable that I would want this foundation. Not only has it gotten countless positive reviews as a product, but it makes application easy. I have always been interested in mineral/powder foundations considering how finicky I am when it comes to liquid or cream application and as a result usually end up skipping foundation because it takes me so long to get it a way I like. Plus, all of Tarte's packaging is to die for!

2. Nars Blushers ($45)

I don't think there is a more hyped blusher than Nars 'Orgasm', but I am interested in trying any Nars blusher. Because of the fluctuated price where I live I've definitely been putting it off for some time, but always find myself drawn to them in Mecca Cosmetica. Everything from the formula to colours is just gorgeous and I really want to get my hands on them.

3. Mac Pro Longwear Lip Creme ($40)

Something about this formulation just has me intrigued, especially since I haven't heard a whole heap about them. The colour range seems to be quite limited at the moment but they definitely have included all of the staples. Longwearing lipstick is something I definitely look for and judging by the rest of MAC's Pro Longwear line, they will do just that.

4. Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette ($60)

Of all the Naked palettes, Naked 2 just visually appeals to me the most. I can't say I feel any draw to Naked 1, except for the first few golden/coppery shades, and Naked 3 is beautiful, but I feel there is too much pinky hue for my personal taste. Naked 2 just has the perfect range of colours and not a single one I can't imagine myself using. My taupe collection is severely lacking which is sad because I love the look of them so much, so this would be the perfect addition to my collection.

5. Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder ($60)

I have been struggling so much to find a bronzer that doesn't look muddy or orange with my complexion, a struggle I'm sure we've all had. When I try to contour I feel like I've just created a brown splotch on my face with no defining effect at all, at least none that outweighs the muddy look. After seeing the colour the Bobbi Brown Bronzing powder creates on the face and even as a crease shade, I am in love.
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